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Loss To Love Coaching Testimonials

Working with Ronda has been an exceptional experience for me. We have been working together since the passing of my mother last year from a long-term illness. Our sessions together have been a journey of personal growth that have given me peace and confidence to accept possibilities of change, when I felt I couldn't change and believed that my life would remain the same. I had no confidence in my decisions, in my conversations and I had a need to please others. The tools and the confidence Ronda gave me have changed my life for the better. She is easy to talk to and asks the hard questions to bring about thoughtful change of acceptance and the ability to love myself again. This is a journey for life, and I am thankful to have found Ronda today. -Margaret

Prior to meeting Ronda I felt lost, had low self worth and was grieving the loss of my father. When working with Ronda I immediately felt understood and supported on my grief recovery journey. After each session, I felt empowered and had more awareness of unresolved grief I had been harboring. I'm truly grateful to have come across the Grief Recovery Method and having had the ability to work with Ronda. I would highly recommend seeing her and trying out this program. Truly life changing! - Maggie


I could not recommend Ronda Bonfanti and the Intuitive Eating program more! After struggling with food issues all of my life, Ronda introduced me to Intuitive Eating, and food finally has lost its power over me. Ronda was extremely supportive and encouraging as I went through the process, and I am so relieved to finally have found peace with food and my body. Only regret is not finding her earlier, but I am using what I learned from Ronda with my kids, so they won't have the same struggles. -M.C.

Ronda’s coaching helped me recover from a horrible divorce after 23 years of marriage. I had so many new feelings taking over my life, I felt paralyzed much of the time. With Ronda, I found a safe place to process my emotions. It took me awhile to start feeling hopeful and stop beating myself up for the mistakes I had made in my marriage. But thanks to the time processing with Ronda, I now feel emotionally healthy. And should a new, special lady find me, my heart is open to sharing love again. - Jose

I recently lost my fiancé. The sudden loss and tragic events surrounding his death left me devastated and hoping to die myself. Out of desperation I did an online search and found Ronda Bonfanti with The Grief Recovery Method program. This program exceeded my expectations. The book covered every emotion I was feeling and made me feel as though it was ok to have those feelings. Ronda, with her calming and sweet nature, was a God send. Throughout the entire program, she made me feel safe to express whatever I needed to. She is a true loving heart with ears. Through this program, I have found peace that I never thought I would have and some closure. I now have hope and want to live again. I would highly recommend this program and Ronda Bonfanti to anyone who has experienced a loss of any kind. - Ursula 

I experienced the death of family members close to me at a very young age without any help to work through the process of grieving. As I began to move through life, I realized that grief can come through many ways. Seasons of life end such as a job, change in a relationship, or the death of a pet. Also, children leave home or make decisions to live life in a way you did not expect. Ronda and the Grief Recovery Method has been instrumental in helping me work through the grief that was weighing me down with anxiety and depression. Because of that, I am beginning to see all my relationships in a new way. Now, I can live more authentically with those around me and experience increased joy in my life. Ronda is an excellent coach to take you through this process! - Alex B.

The relationships in my life had brought me to a point where I actually feared future vulnerability. It was easiest to just not participate in pursuing any special relationship as to not add to the pile of guilt and grief as another failed attempt. Through working with Ronda, I was able to address the history, the patterns, the warning signs, my own values of what I seek in order to create new experiences in relationships. I am so hopeful in an area where I did not have hope. I am no longer holding so tightly to what I want at the end that I cannot enjoy the moments of today. It's a really good peaceful place to be. Can I cause myself more pain? I could. But now I have the skills to let go of loss so that I am able to participate in life without the anchors of despair from failure. Life is good. And healthy relationships are a joy to experience. Ronda is compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental. She works with you to discover your healthier, happier, braver you. Go be that! - Cyndi

Ronda finds the perfect bridge in making you feel comfortable while being professional. She is genuine in seeking your needs and facilitating changes necessary towards reaching life goals. She helped me identify professional goals and boundaries, as well as work through personal growth. She's an asset and amazing person to do life's work with. - Monique  

Ronda was a blessing when I needed it most. My life was beyond stressed. My coping skills became reaction only. Since working with Ronda, I have been able to set boundaries. I now take better care of myself. I am a happier person today because of Ronda's sound guidance and occasional kick in the pants to use my healthy coping skills. Thank you for all that you give. - Annie

When Ronda recommended Mindfulness Meditation as a tool to reduce the stress in my life, I was a bit skeptical. But her recommendation of starting with only five minutes per day and the many resources she supplied me with made it a less daunting endeavor. I still have a long way to go, but the time I have invested thus far has definitely made a positive impact. I am sleeping better, enjoying more peace by not reacting personally to everything, and turning to food less during stressful times. Whatever you are going through in life, I am confident Ronda can help ease your way. - Suzanne

Ronda is the only person I have ever worked with that strives to understand where I am and what I'm ready to address. She listens to my needs without judgement. I have worked with Ronda in times in a past bad marriage, through the divorce, and during the reestablishment of self. My depression was debilitating. I could not think clearly, much less focus on work. I am now happy and clear in goals for my future and have overcome having been married to a person that had no respect for personal boundaries. This is not something to be taken lightly. Anyone that has struggled with having no personal space suffers from this even if they do not realize it. You have choices. You have the opportunity to find what makes you happy and to create a life where what you wished was possible becomes your reality. It is not easy to deal with the emotional trauma. But finding freedom on the other side is well worth the life reflection a couple years down the road. You are worth the investment of yourself. I would recommend your self journey of healing and discovery. You won't regret working with Ronda. -Diane

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