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 "Whatever way it arrives, despair comes with an urgent call to grieve our losses and to examine the meaning of our lives." -Miriam Greenspan

Moving beyond the pain of loss


Grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss. Loss is a guaranteed aspect of life, but what often goes undiscussed is the staggering grief that can accompany it. The concept of grief can be ambiguous, with over 43 different types of loss that can cause us to grieve. From death to divorce, infertility to empty nesting, career and financial changes, loss of health, or even the end of an addiction, grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.

Grief is a dynamic and highly variable process. How you deal with your losses can greatly affect many areas of your life, but sometimes identifying and articulating the phenomenon can be difficult and frustrating. By asking questions like, "What hopes, dreams, or expectations did I have for my life?" or "What do I wish had been different, better, or more fulfilling?" you can begin to uncover the places where loss and grief live within your own story.

Many of us grew up in families where difficult emotions were not discussed. Rather, we were advised to focus on the positive or be strong and carry on. What did that advice teach us moving into adulthood? How does this approach serve us in making major life decisions? 

Unresolved grief can diminish your health and happiness and many symptoms of grief are manifested like those of depression: sadness, loss of energy, changes in eating behavior, sleep disruption, inability to focus, sensitivity or anger, withdrawal, and isolation.   

How the Grief Recovery Method can help you

Unresolved issues from your past can subconsciously affect your relationships and overall sense of well-being. Through the 7-week GRM program, you will learn the tools needed to heal your broken heart, strengthen your emotional core, and enhance the way you experience the rest of your life.  Download the pdf below to learn more. 

Grief Recovery eBook (pdf)


What is unresolved grief?