Getting Your Life Back

Sometimes we need a helping hand.

What hopes, dreams, or expectations did you have for your life? What do you wish had been different, better, or more fulfilling? Answering these questions helps you identify incomplete losses. Loss is a guaranteed aspect of life. How you deal with your losses can greatly affect many areas of your life. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. There are over forty-three different types of loss that can produce symptoms of grief: death, divorce, retirement, moving, loss of a pet, financial change, unemployment, career changes, loss of health, legal problems, empty nesting, starting school, or even the end of an addiction. Any life change can be a grieving experience for you.

Family Influence

Many of us grew up in families where difficult emotions were not discussed. Rather, we were advised to focus on the positive or be strong and carry on. What did that advice teach us moving into adulthood? How does this approach serve us in making major life decisions?  

Your Health

Unresolved grief can greatly affect our health and happiness. Symptoms of depression can resemble grief: sadness, loss of energy, changes in eating behavior, sleep disruption, inability to focus, sensitivity or anger, withdrawal, and isolation.

Is this program right for you?

The Grief Recovery Method® helps address:

Coping Strategies

It is all too common to turn to food, alcohol, drugs, long work hours, excessive exercise, shopping, sex or infidelity, gambling, video games, and other behaviors in attempts to deal with our losses in life. The Grief Recovery Method® helps you identify how these behaviors might be present in your life. Awareness is the first step to changing any undesired behavior.




Having healthy boundaries in all of our relationships is key to living a balanced lifestyle. Being comfortable knowing when to say yes and how to say no keeps you in control of your life. Many of us live with overextended schedules, allowing self-care to be virtually nonexistent. Our serenity and joy suffers as a result.


Divorce is the second leading cause of grief, following death. How you recover from divorce or the ending of a relationship can impact many areas of your life and future relationships. The Grief Recovery Method® can help you find peace and provide clarity as you move forward. The process helps release your emotions associated with the end of a relationship, leaving your heart open for love.

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It is difficult to create a thriving future when issues from the past linger. Every experience in life can produce feelings of loss and grief. Unresolved grief can be accumulative over our lifetime. The Grief Recovery Method® helps take an emotional inventory of your life. This is an action-oriented program that can help you find peace and enhance the way you experience the rest of your life.

About Me

I am a Health Coach, trained by Emory University, and an Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, certified by The Grief Recovery Institute. I am passionate about supporting people in discovering the correlation between their health and happiness due to unresolved grief. Unresolved grief can result from many life events and remain dormant for years unless addressed. I openly share my losses and journey with grief to help increase awareness. Time alone does not heal but participating in an action-oriented program fosters enhanced well-being.

"Whatever way it arrives, despair comes with an urgent call to grieve our losses and to examine the meaning of our lives" (Healing Through The Dark Emotions by Miriam Greenspan). I provide a safe environment in which to examine your beliefs about loss, discover which losses have affected your life and how you cope with those losses, and take actions that help you identify and complete the unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain. 

Additional training and resources I promote are: Intuitive Eating, Mindfulness Meditation, Gottman's 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work, and Smoking Cessation (see New Heights Coach). My goal as your coach is to create a trusting partnership to support you in enhancing your health and happiness. Utilizing my training and experience, I help you clarify what you want, explore options, increase personal accountability, and take action to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

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Loss To Love Coaching

From the privacy and comfort of your home, let the 7-week online Grief Recovery Method® Program help you get your life back. 

Ronda Bonfanti

Scars can last a lifetime, but the pain doesn't have to.


 "I recently lost my fiancé. The sudden loss and tragic events surrounding his death left me devastated and hoping to die myself. Out of desperation I did an online search and found Ronda Bonfanti with The Grief Recovery Method program. This program exceeded my expectations. The book covered every emotion I was feeling and made me feel as though it was ok to have those feelings. Ronda, with her calming and sweet nature, was a God send. Throughout the entire program, she made me feel safe to express whatever I needed to. She is a true loving heart with ears. Through this program, I have found peace that I never thought I would have and some closure. I now have hope and want to live again. I would highly recommend this program and Ronda Bonfanti to anyone who has experienced a loss of any kind." -Ursula 

"Ronda finds the perfect bridge in making you feel comfortable while being professional. She is genuine in seeking your needs and facilitating changes necessary towards reaching life goals. She helped me identify professional goals and boundaries, as well as work through personal growth. She's an asset and amazing person to do life's work with." -Monique 

 "Ronda was a blessing when I needed it most. My life was beyond stressed. My coping skills became reaction only. Since working with Ronda, I have been able to set boundaries. I now take better care of myself. I am a happier person today because of Ronda's sound guidance and occasional kick in the pants to use my healthy coping skills. Thank you for all that you give." -Annie 

"When Ronda recommended Mindfulness Meditation as a tool to reduce the stress in my life, I was a bit skeptical. But her recommendation of starting with only five minutes per day and the many resources she supplied me with made it a less daunting endeavor. I still have a long way to go, but the time I have invested thus far has definitely made a positive impact. I am sleeping better, enjoying more peace by not reacting personally to everything, and turning to food less during stressful times. Whatever you are going through in life, I am confident Ronda can help ease your way." -Suzanne