Are you living your best life?

We often place a lot of importance in our physical health and end up neglecting our emotional health. How are you handling life's challenging circumstances or when things aren’t quite going your way? It is all too common to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms in attempts to deal with our uncomfortable emotions. We want to feel better. So we do something to try to make ourselves feel better in the moment. But it’s not always what’s right in front of us that is causing our discomfort. 

The choices you make in life stem from a deeper well. A place from within you that will continue to drive the direction of your life, living on autopilot, until you become more intimately familiar with this terrain. I call this your emotional core. Much like the core muscles of our body strengthen us for healthy movement, I want to help you strengthen your emotional core so that you can enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling life.


As a Health Coach trained by Emory University and an Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist trained by The Grief Recovery Institute®, my goal is to help you deepen your self-awareness so you may begin resolving the deeply buried emotions that prevent you from living your best life. Please don’t let the name "grief" deceive you; think of this as life recovery or an emotional wellness program and learn a 30-year-old proven process with actionable steps you can take to feel better now and anytime life throws you a curveball. Partner with me on a 7-week coaching journey for healing, growth and transformation and you will feel the benefits permeating many areas of your life.

"Without a smoothly flowing emotional energy system, our ability to live with authenticity and joy, to have satisfying and meaningful relationships, to distinguish right from wrong, to learn from life, are profoundly diminished." -Miriam Greenspan


When is the last time you took an emotional inventory of your life? Don't let unresolved issues from your past affect your health and happiness today.

Start your healing journey now:

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