Are you living your best life?


"Without a smoothly flowing emotional energy system, our ability to live with authenticity and joy, to have satisfying and meaningful relationships, to distinguish right from wrong, to learn from life, are profoundly diminished."

-Miriam Greenspan

When our physical health is in trouble, our bodies show signs to let us know: fatigue, fever, aches and pains, and other signals alert us that something isn't quite right. But what about when it's your emotional health that seems to be struggling? Could your body be alerting you to this kind of distress too? And if so, what is it trying to tell you?

As a Health Coach trained by Emory University and an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist trained by The Grief Recovery Institute, my goal is to help you interpret the unresolved emotions that might still be causing you pain and preventing you from fully living.

During my work as a coach, I have partnered with clients to pinpoint the origins of their outstanding grief to begin solving the manifestations of the hurt in their lives. By gleaning these tools, they are able to create the "smoothly flowing emotional energy system" needed for optimal health both inside and out.

My coaching resources will help you:

  • Identify unhealthy behaviors diminishing your health and happiness
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Live with healthier boundaries
  • Feel more empowered to live your best life

Much like the core muscles of the body stabilizing you for movement, centering our emotional core allows you to not only overcome things from your past, but also stay prepared to handle what life brings. 


When is the last time you took an emotional inventory of your life? Don't let unresolved issues from your past affect your future. Through the convenience of video conference, let's heal your heart and get you living your best life.